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Facility Services & Capabilities

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance
  • Building: Torque anchor bolts and connection bolts, tension cross bracing, inspect/repair roofing, gutters, wall panels and cooler sealing
  • Doors: Inspect/adjust/lube overhead doors and man doors
  • Air Handling: Supply/Exhaust fans, dampers and louvers, HVAC systems, replace belts, lube direct drives
  • Cranes: Maintenance, inspections/testing, load testing, survey, alignment
  • Electrical: Lighting, fire/gas detection, PA/alarm, access control, lightning protection and testing, arc-flash testing/inspection
  • Sitework: Site fencing, security gates, guard houses, E&S controls
  • Repairs as required/requested, all building systems and components

Facility Services finds a problem on a routine inspection

  • Building: Fall systems, safety ladders, walkways, stairs, handrails, catwalks, checker plate walkways, lifeline technologies, additions, renovations
  • Doors: Add/relocate overhead doors, man doors, add explosion proof openers
  • Air Handling: Louvers, exhaust fans, dampers, hoods, electronics, BARD units
  • Cranes: Add intrinsically safe explosion proof radio controllers
  • Electrical: Lighting, fire/gas detection, PA/alarm, access control, lightning protection
  • Facility based: Crane, rigging, man lift, forklift
  • Operational readiness/Reduced shutdowns
  • Equipment longevity
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Database of service records
  • Warranty recordkeeping
  • Value from economy of scale
  • Improved response times
  • Structured payments

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